Relationship Plan


Use this simple Relationship Plan to intentionally consider how you will increase the level of relationship with each young person in your sphere of influence . . . but particularly those you know less well. For those of you in education settings, you are accustomed to building lesson plans. This tool helps you put the value of RELATIONSHIPS on par with curricular content.

Topics Covered:

  • Student-Teacher Relations
  • Staff Development
  • Engagement
  • Youth Outreach

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Relationship Plan

1. Identify a student that you are having a difficult time connecting with.

    Student’s Name ___________________________________________________

2. Develop a plan to improve your relationship with this student. As a part of this plan make sure you consider what you need to fix, what you want to start, what you will try and stop doing and what is already working that you want to keep.

















3. What evidence will you accept as a sign that you are making real progress in improving your relationship with this student?