I know you are, but what am I?

I’m baffled by a recent phenomenon in social media. Several times a week, I receive invitations to “find out what I am.” One recently stated: “I got caretaker of a private island. What’s your fantasy job?” Another: “I’m a daisy. What flower are you?” Still another: “I got gold aura. What color is your aura?” And then: “I got swan. What bird are you?”

I have yet to be enticed to open any of them. These things leave me confused. Am I supposed to feel some level of discontent with not knowing what bird I am? I don’t. And I’m trusting my aura can take care of itself quite well, thank you very much. Though I suppose if there is anything I should worry about in that regard it would be how well I’m keeping it healthy, rather than being concerned with it’s color. I’ll admit I almost bit at the fantasy job “survey.” I mean, there are days when we all wonder if there isn’t “that perfect job out there, somewhere” for us. Don’t we? But when I weighed it all out, it just didn’t seem worthy of the investment of time for the outcome promised.

In the end I’m just not that interested. I have plenty of identities I embrace and that inform my life daily. I’m a white male who has managed to live to his mid-fifties (if you stretch the definition of “mid”) and that right there carries more than enough baggage for me to not want to find any NEW descriptors! I am a son, a husband, a father, a grandfather. Those seem like pretty clear identities most of the time—and I cherish each of them. I’m an educator, a facilitator, a trainer, an advocate, a leader, and I try to be a good friend and role model. That’s plenty in my book. No need to know which Wizard of Oz character I am (yep, another tempting offer recently received).

So, good friends, you don’t need to stop including me on the invitations, but just know that I’m content with the parts of me I know .  .  . I think I’ll pass on complicating the picture with “surveys” to find a new me. But do let me know if finding out which Disney character you most resemble makes a meaningful difference in your life. I may reconsider my stance someday . . . .

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