If Change is so Great . . . YOU go First!

I have to admit I can’t recall where I first heard that great adage about change, but it’s true, isn’t it? I know in my own experience I will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid change . . . even, sometimes, when compelling evidence tells me it would be in my best interest to not only entertain change, but to fully embrace it!

So it is with models that guide our thinking, practice, and action. The familiar becomes comfortable, the comfortable becomes the standard, the standard becomes the defended.

And then, every now and then, I’m reminded of the power in “lifting up my head” and seeing the world from a more expansive view. Maybe, just maybe, someone has found a way to enrich those things that are important to me. Not to diminish the value of what I’ve come to know, love, and trust; but rather to strengthen, enhance, and improve it.

Well that’s the basic realization I recently had when I first heard the work from the Center for the Study of Social Policy and their Youth ThriveTM Framework. The core of the content you’ll find there will look very familiar to any of you who have been doing Positive Youth Development work through connection to us over the past 20 years. Yet it embodies key information ESSENTIAL to today’s PYD practitioner. There is Cultural Competence in there. And Brain Science. And Stress and Trauma-Informed Care. Important stuff that helps us approach our work with an enriched perspective, mindful of the many variants that impact a young person’s life and to which we must be intentionally attuned if we are to lead them toward thriving.

So . . . I invite you to take a look at the information found by following the link above. Check it out. Mull it over. I’d love to know what you think. Even if it’s not your usual style to reply to a blog post, consider it for this one. I want to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “If Change is so Great . . . YOU go First!

  1. Flora Sanchez

    All so very true. Love being reminded of the concept imbedded in the idea of the red lantern. Thanks Tim and Bolster for this website and the organizational and community work it endeavors to support.


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