AGTO E-Learning Training Modules

The links below provide a series of “e-learning” modules that will introduce you to the steps of the Getting To Outcomes with Developmental Assets (AGTO) process. E-learning is an innovative way to convey information, using a combination narration, animated avatars (i.e., animated pictures of people who are doing the teaching), pictures, PowerPoint-like text, and exercises to convey the AGTO concepts. This interactive content will provide you with information on how each step could strengthen your planning, implementation, and evaluation efforts, whether for a youth-serving program or a community-based coalition or initiative. You’ll explore the process utilized in each step, be provided links to key reference documents, and consider reflection questions following each step’s overview.

Enjoy learning more about this valuable resource by working your way through the links below. We hope you’ll provide any feedback you’d be willing to offer regarding the value of this resource!

Technical note: these modules will open in a new popup window. They require the Flash plugin, therefore Apple and newer Android mobile devices will not be able to play these. Last edited June 2013.

If you have any questions regarding this content, please contact Matthew Chinman, Principal Investigator for the project at RAND Corporation at Tel: (412) 683-2300.

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