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National Collaborators

We’ve joined forces as collaborators with several organizations across the country to realize the synergy our mutual efforts can create. We encourage you to visit their websites and get to know them and their content.

Academy for Competent Youth Work Our colleagues and collaborators at the Academy promote the improvement of services for children and youth by: 1.) developing and providing training and education services that promote quality child and youth care practices, and 2.) researching professional practices of child and youth care practitioners.

Mind Positive Parenting Our long-standing collaborators at Mind Positive Parenting offer valuable information in support of parents and anyone who works with young people. Content includes detailed resources on adolescent brain development, effects of media exposure and extensive screen time, executive function, and strategies for mindful parenting.

Youth Catalytics Rooted in a rich history in Child, Youth, and Family Services, Youth Catalytics works to support and advance child and youth services nationally. As true collaborators to the work of Bolster Collaborative, they help improve any system or program that works with young people.

Other Valuable Links

Child Trends  A fantastic source of recent research in the areas of child poverty, child welfare, early childhood development, education, fatherhood and parenting, health, evaluation, indicators of child well-being, marriage and family, positive development, teen sex & pregnancy, and youth development.

National Center on Safe and Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) This national technical assistance center supports educators from early childhood through post-secondary education in creating supportive school climates. Vision Training Associates, Inc., our parent organization, has been a partner in this center since its inception. (Check out the training tool kits on this site of which we have been fortunate to lead development.)

TED Talks  This is one site that should be on everyone's favorite list! Powerful 20-minute presentations from experts in a wide range of fields which offer compelling insights and perspectives.

Thrive Foundation for Youth  Partners in helping youth to thrive. You'll find them a valuable resource!




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