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Presentations, Workshops, and Keynote Addresses

Presentations: We offer high-quality presentations of shorter duration on a wide variety of topics. These sessions, often of a more introductory nature, are a great way to help your audience explore a topic.

Workshops: Our workshops teach skills and strategies based on best practices and current research. With compelling interactive presentation designs, participants remain engaged throughout the entire event!

Keynote Addresses: Many Bolster collaborators are highly sought-after speakers for local, state, regional, and national presentations. From annual dinners to national conferences, our keynote speakers inspire and motivate audiences to re-examine their current thinking and practice, generating enthusiasm to more fully engage in transforming organizations and communities.

Standard Web Content

We offer a number of resources FREE on our website. They inform and inspire, sustaining your daily commitment to youth development. A monthly poster, samples of our Premium Content, and an opportunity to receive "Daily Inspirations" are just a few examples of what you'll find on every visit!

Premium Content

For a nominal fee, of just $14.95/year,  members of the Collaborative receive access to an extensive bank of compiled premium resources and receive:

  • "Video Shorts" with a positive youth development message perfect for sharing the youth development message with others. One per quarter.
  • "Practice Briefs" based on the latest research on a wide range of topics. These briefs keep your youth development practice up-to-date. Two per month.
  • Field-based "Strategies and Tips" provide detailed methods others have used to enhance their youth development work. They will inform yours as well! One per month.

Our goal is to serve the growing number of positive youth development practitioners, regardless of their role. Let us know what other materials, supports, and resources would best serve you.

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